• Leadership Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Vitaly Gumirov


    The founder of KIRIK, Vitaly graduated from Novosibirsk State University where he specialized in Mathematical Logic and Computer Science. He has 25-years experience in the IT industry and several successful businesses in his track record. His company Eyeline Communications became a leading vendor of SMS/USSD centers in Russia.

    Eduard Dzhamgaryan


    Entrepreneur, Founder of GMPay,
    More than 25 years of business experience in different industries. Serial entrepreneur. Have had the own companies with more than 200 employees and more than 40M USD annual revenue.

    Min Yoo


    Min is a global citizen: Korean born, US-educated, with 20+ years APAC work experience. His career spans political-economic consulting at the Economist Intelligence Unit to agro-forestry to successful digital/tech start-ups while advising to MNCs, institutional investors, government ministries and agencies on strategy, marketing, branding and communications; including the likes of Google, Starbucks, Disney, BMW, Tiffany, McKinsey, Intel, Microsoft, Visa, Nike, Coca Cola, P&G & Citibank to name a few.

    Yuri Peshkichev


    Yuri is a co-founder of Eyeline Communications and Vitaly’s business partner during the last 20 years. All their business ideas are preliminarily examined by Yuri, and as a result, complete business mechanisms appear with legal design, optimal financial flows, and accurate reporting.

    Nore Eckerberg


    Long-term angel with 10+ years of investing experience. Running two private VC's, as well as being personally involved in start-ups as an angel, he knows what makes a great project as well as an investor.

    Peter Matyukov

    VP R&D

    Graduated from Novosibirsk State University, Peter has been working in IT since 1992. In Eyeline he was responsible for USSD/SMS and chatbot services (Telegram, Skype, VK, Facebook). Peter is the author of several patents related to telecommunications and information technologies.

    Dmitry Sviridenko

    Chief Scientist

    Dmitry Ivanovich Sviridenko, Kirik Advisor on Science and Innovation, Full Doctor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Professor. Dmitry Ivanovich together with Academicians Y. Yershov and S. Goncharov was awarded a prestigious prize of the Soviet Academy of Science for inventing the Theory of Semantic Modelling/Programming in 1987. Dmitry combines work at the Novosibirsk State University and the Institute of Mathematics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. His area of expertise is the Theory of Semantic Programming applied to semantic smart bargains and contracts.

    Aron Huang

    Head of Business Development in China

    Aron has graduated from the Beijing University of Industry and Commerce with a specialization in marketing. Aron has 20 years of experience in Telecom and IT. In 2006 he became a founder of Cybersoft Beijing Information Technology Co., LTD, then made successful careers in such industry giants as Oracle and SAP. Aron has a strong IT background and years of experience in ERP, big data, AI, and blockchain. He has collected scores of valuable connections and successful sales in the government, telecom, finance, media, and other industries.

    Pavel Karavanov

    Account Manager

    Pavel has MBA degree from The State University of Management and MSc from Novosibirsk State Uni. (Mathematics). He held positions of CTO and Deputy Product Director in Eyeline focusing on the company's key Telecom clients. Pavel has almost 20 years of experience in IT project management.

    Igor Boldyrev

    VP Partnership

    Igor Boldyrev has graduated the Novosibirsk State University with a specialization in Applied Mathematics, and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, the Faculty of Law. In 1992 he got a qualification certificate for work in the financial markets. Igor has more than 25 years of experience in business and management of manufacturing companies. He is an academician of Russian Academy of Engineering.

    Andrey Komarov


    Andrey has graduated from Tomsk Economics and Law Institute, with a bachelor degree in civil law. He has also graduated from Tomsk State Polytechnic University as a master of management, international business. Andrey has 20 years of juridical experience in different business branches - finance, healthcare, trade, intellectual property, and others. He specializes in IT since 2005.

    Serge Lugovoy

    Senior Architect

    Sergey is a specialist in distributed transactions, databases, high-load systems, GSM stack technologies. He is our most experienced developer.

    Boris Bondarev

    Core Developer

    Boris has MCs degree in Mathematics and ​a solid background in programming and project management. Key competencies: SMS, USSD, chatbots, server application development, databases, messaging and distributed transactions, blockchain.

    Nikita Tekutiev

    Project Manager

    Nikita oversees all phases of the software development process from concept to delivery. Takes part in B2B sales in Telecom and Fintech. Skills: Project and Product Management, Chatbots, Messaging, User interface, Business Communication.

    Artem Voronov


    Artem is graduated from Novosibirsk State University with a master's degree of IT. Artem is developing Kirik Visual Constructor for semantic smart contracts. He is Oracle certified professional and author of TopicsBot project (www.topicsbot.com). He teaches the “Object-oriented analysis and design” at NSU. Key competencies: SMS/USSD/chatbots, messaging and distributed transactions, blockchain. Hobby: Artem plays electric guitar.

    Andrey Mantsivoda

    Scientific Advisor

    Andrey Valerievich Mantsivoda is a Professor of the Irkutsk State University (IrSU), Full Doctor of Mathematics and Physics, an acclaimed specialist in Applied Logic and Computer Science. He is the founder of Libretto Labs Inc. (2011), a resident of Skolkovo Foundation, Co-founder of Logus LLC. Andrey works with KU Leuven - Belgium's largest and highest-ranked university. In 2014 he was appointed as Vice-Rector for Strategic Development at IrSU. Andrey leads the team which develops a programming language Libretto (2010, together with A. Malykh) and works on applications of semantic modeling to business processes.

    Ben Yu

    Business Advisor

    Ben has more than 25 years experience in IT, Technology, Marketing, Finance, and Business Consultancy. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Business Administration. After his career in IBM, he worked as an external consultant in the field of Business Strategic Planning, Marketing, and Service Innovation. Ben's recent activities involve consulting on Business Planning & Development of Strategic Methods in the deployment of Blockchain technology in various industries, including but not limited to payment systems, cryptocurrency & products' authentication.

    Peter Zhou

    Business Advisor

    Founder and CEO of Zhichou.Com, author of The Lessons of Failure (a book introducing the six-step thinking framework to help startups). Used to be General Manager of YiSheng Innovation Co., Ltd (Stock codes:430092), and an R&D Engineer at Huawei. The start-up consultant of Fatianshi, Jideos, Lefull, Wuxian Edu, helping them to design entrepreneurship plans and raise start-up funds. Early advisor of blockchain projects like tfchain, bitgene.

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