• We develop, integrate, implement and support high-load systems and applications of any scale, including infrastructures for Startup, SME, and Big Enterprise with Kirik Semantic Platform significantly lowering costs, faster, easier and with greater security.

    Focus on your Business and Customers, not on Programming

  • What We Do

    20+ years in the IT Industry

    Software development

    Software Development

    Any Complexity

    We develop reliable server applications using Java technologies. We have deep expertise in developing High-Load applications, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence technology projects of any scale.

    Software development with lower costs

    Integration of Complex IT-Systems

    Seamless Integration

    We integrate developed software with systems of any complexity, including High-Load, Big Data and complex Artificial Intelligence technology.

    Remote Administration

    Smooth, Safe, Reliable 24/7

    We ensure the smooth operation of infrastructure systems for mobile operators, banks, financial and other organizations, according to various levels of SLA.

  • How It Works

    Kirik Semantic Platform Implementation Workflow



    Analysts form a domain model: key objects, ways of working with them & event model.


    Development &


    Programmers implement a scalable domain model, meaning they make integration of the KSP with the infrastructure: database, information systems, etc.



    Domain specialists are able to change the behavior of the system and/or processes, describing the logic of their behavior in the developed DSL language (or base D0SL). It does not require the participation of programmers.

  • Features

    Kirik's Awesome Features

    Semantic modeling

    Flexible Logic and Simplicity of Use

    No need for excessive development

    Easy to use and build any logic on the Kirik Semantic Platform for non-programmers with basic tech knowledge

    Faster and More Secure

    50-75% faster than traditional​ programming

    KSP increases your speed of product deployment by 2-4x while improving general security due to the execution of Semantic rules in the sandbox

    lower costs software development,

    Lower Costs

    80-90% cost savings vs. traditional programming

    Validated commercial case studies benchmark 80+% cost savings in tech development; reducing at a ratio of ​40 : 8 man hours

  • Why Kirik?

    We've got a top notch team!

    Experienced Team

    20+ years in IT

    Our team of experienced engineers, architects and specialists in technical support and building hardware solutions can develop and integrate IT-systems of any scale under high peak loads.

    Full development cycle

    Full Development Cycle

    End-to-end project delivery

    Development, integration, implementation and support of server applications of any scale, including infrastructure. We have all the competencies necessary to create information systems and apply modern technologies for processing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

    High-Load Systems

    200MM+ End-users of KSP

    We develop, implement and support High-Load systems and applications with uneven distribution of load over time. We are able to work with loads that reach several million users at a time and integrate the developed solutions into a developed heterogeneous environment.

    Technical support

    Technical Support


    Our technical support department provides the necessary level of support to all customers. Experience includes supporting infrastructure solutions and services for mobile operators, banks and government organizations internationally.

  • These are a few of the successful commercial implementations of the Kirik Semantic Platform

    Below are projects implemented by Kirik in the fields of telecommunications, mobile marketing, advertising, finance, municipal government infrastructure and consumer mobile payments.

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