• Global USSD​

    Platform for development and delivery of USSD services

    «Global USSD» Platform

    Global USSD is an initiative to create a platform for development and delivery of USSD services to mobile subscribers.


    The task was to ensure the simplicity of developing mobile USSD services and the possibility of their delivery to subscribers all over the world through the signaling network without the need to connect to mobile operators.


    As a result, KIRIK Corporation offered a service that helps developers to create USSD mobile platform that can be easily integrated with any external systems using single API. It can be any information or business system, such as a banking system, payment system, voting system, and so on.


    The delivery of services to subscribers is carried out with the help of KIRIK Corporation (formerly Eyeline) technology called Call2Service, which provides delivery of a USSD dialogue or SMS message to a mobile phone in response to a call to a regular phone number. When the subscriber dials the mobile service number, he receives in reply a text SMS message or a USSD dialogue. At the same time, the call is free, as the voice connection is not established, which is a significant advantage for the user of the mobile service.


    For the convenience of developers, the web interface provides a USSD service generator with a mobile phone emulator, purchase of Call2Service numbers and payment for traffic using credit cards. When developing GlobalUSSD.com, components of the open platform KIRIK Corporation (formerly Eyeline) were used, which reduced total labor costs by 45%.

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