• USSD Banking App «Alfa-dialog»

    Banking management system using a mobile phone without internet access

    USSD Banking «Alfa-Dialog»

    The bank was faced with the need of reducing the load on the call center, optimizing the cost of voice traffic and other expenses. It was decided to offer customers a more convenient, fast and secure alternative to SMS banking, which didn’t require Internet access and allowed customers to perform part of operations without contacting the bank call center.


    The leader in the field of remote banking services, Alfa-Bank has set itself the task of providing a convenient mobile bank service not only to smartphone users but also to owners of conventional push-button phones, which accounted for about 70% of all mobile devices in Russia in 2014.


    With the help of KIRIK Corporation, the USSD service “Alpha-Dialog” was launched using the number *142#. The service provides the most frequently used routine operations, such as balance inquiry, checkout, telephone payment, and money transfers from the subscriber’s account to other accounts. This USSD service was developed on the basis of the KIRIK Global USSD platform and integrated with Alpha Bank systems. The technologies used in the implementation are included in patent RU2011111477 (The method of providing information when conducting distributed transactions and the complex for its implementation).


    Alpha-bank customers and subscribers of the big three mobile operators got access to USSD-banking functions dialing the number *142#. Alfa-Bank’s customers got convenient access to mobile service on any phone without the Internet, without having to spend additional funds on roaming, without any extra security issues. Security is ensured by using the USSD technology itself, as well as by additional verification by checking the SIM card number. An additional password may be set for some operations. The flexible portal management system allows to quickly include new functions in it, change old ones, and implement services on its base that generate additional income for the bank.



    Time of Development

    1. With KSP - Less than 12-months
    2. Without KSP  -  Around 3-years

    Implementation Costs of Service Delivery and Service Rating Business-logic

    1. With KSP - 1000 man-hours and $70,000
    2. Without KSP  -  Over 5,000 man-hours and $350,000

    Yearly Technical Support Costs

    1. With KSP - 300 man-hours and $21,000
    2. Without KSP  -  Over 7,000 man-hours and $420,000

    Secure Space (business rules execution in the ”sandbox”)

    1. With KSP - YES
    2. Without KSP  -  NO

    Business Logic is Set by Telecom Specialists

    1. With KSP - YES
    2. Without KSP  -  NO


    Alfa Bank received a fast and reliable USSD service portal for its subscribers. For example, when during a DDOS-attack all the servers of the bank were not available, the service “Alfa-Dialog” continued to work.


    Flexible system management of portal allows Alfa Bank quickly include new functions, change the old ones, and implement on its base services that generate additional income for the bank.


    Security is provided by using USSD technology, as well as additional verification by checking the number of SIM cards. In addition, on some operations users can set ​an additional password.


    It should be noted that “Alfa-dialog” is provided on a paid basis and brings a significant additional income to the bank.

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